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Is the pilot worth watching or should I just skip it?

If you ignore the blatant historical inaccuracies (for example, the show takes place in 1692 and John Alden should be 65 and have a million kids and obviously neither of those things are true on the show*), I thought it was okay. I found it really graphic, but the ladies seem promising. 

*However, John Alden might have had a son also named John Alden so Shane West’s character could be based on him, but he wouldn’t be the same John Alden who went through the Witch Trials.

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That is sad to hear tbh.

oops just saw this lol

he needs a shave and a haircut and a shower so bad

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So, I didn’t liveblog Warehouse 13 last night, but I did spend a large portion of the night ranting to maggiesiffs about how I don’t want Myka to have a baby. I really hope this is not where the show is going. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a baby, but there’s also nothing wrong with not wanting one and I’m kind of sick of shows shoving down people’s throats this idea that a woman does not have a satisfied or full life without having kids. 

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Stop, stop, stop! It’s okay! It’s not real! It’s not real! It’s okay! They’re just mutts! It’s not real!”

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Shane West is not nearly as attractive on this show as he was on Nikita.

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holliday grainger on stage with three sisters

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There is a weird furry thing on Lincoln Lee’s face that I do not approve of.

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I’m watching Salem on hulu and I kid you not - right after the weird magic abortion in the woods a Plan B commercial came on.

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